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Founded In New Zealand

36 Degrees Brokers was started in Auckland, New Zealand. Affectionately named the ‘City of Sails’ their Auckland office is perfectly positioned to access both local and international yacht markets. Expanding into the French Polynesian region, and with networks across the Pacific, 36° Brokers prides itself on being specialists in all fields of the yachting and power boat industry.

Maritime traditions are deeply rooted here, and it is only natural that we would have some of the world’s best marine facilities right at our doorstep. Being a small island nation with some of the most incredible cruising grounds makes this a desirable place for boat lovers the world over. Many of our clients over the years have been international, and we are continuously gaining traction with a wider, more diversified audience, fields above our competitors as a cross Pacific Brokerage. 

Alongside their brokerage, 36* Brokers are proud to be the exclusive dealers for BENETEAU and EXCESS  in New Zealand.



Expanding Across The South Pacific

Over the years 36° have steadily expanded their offices to include representatives across the Pacific region. Bluewater cruisers are a rapidly growing field, and 36° Brokers have strategically positioned themselves well in this market. We are continuously investing our resources in this region with a goal to grow an unmatched cross pacific Brokerage.

The digital age has allowed us to better target international clients, and we are proud to offer some of the most broad and advanced marketing solutions to boat owners. Our mission is to provide world-class customer service with integrity and transparency, supported by a professional team of boating experts. 

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