Sell in French Polynesia

Why market your boat in Polynesia or the Pacific?

Tahiti is located upstream of the largest buyer market in the Pacific: Australia and New Zealand (respectively 5 million and 25 million inhabitants).

There is no less than one boat for every 5 inhabitants in New Zealand, and 1 boat for 25 inhabitants in Australia. The New Zealand market is therefore the most active in the Pacific.

As well as this audience, your boat may be of interest to buyers wishing to sail in Polynesia before bringing their boat home, further west in the Pacific, or on the west coast of the United States and Hawaii. This area is a hubspot for attracting a range of high-net-worth clients from both the USA and Europe. 

Air connections are frequent and fast to allow buyers to come and visit your boat at any time.

More and more Europeans wish to discover Polynesia on a short program (1 or 2 years) without having to pay for a transatlantic and a transpacific delivery. Buyer opportunities in this region are plentiful, making this a very strategic way to sell your boat.


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